Sunday School happens every week at 9am.  We have classes for Kids, teens, and adults to grow in there knowledge of God’s Word in a small group environment. This is a wonderful time for you and your entire family to deepen your walk with Christ.  When you get to WFA an hour earlier on Sunday, and invest that time, the eternal payoff is great.
Here are the classes we have for you and your entire family.


Teacher: Margaret Keeney
ROOM 207
(Fellowship Hall)
Love one another. Even your enemies. Jesus is the Only Way, Truth & Life.
Teacher: Dawn Hill
ROOM 214
LAZARUS AWAKENING – Finding your place in the heart of God. You were made for Life – not halfway living! 


K & PreK
Jennifer Boivin
ROOM 211
Learn about familiar  stories of the Bible and that even when you are small God loves you and uses you too!
Grades 1-2
Josh & Wendi Sloan
 ROOM 219
Learn about the Church; Women of Faith; and Daniel & his friends.
Grades 3-5
Kim Legerski
ROOM 220
Students will be memorizing the books of the Bible and the 10 Commandments in addition to learning how to apply them in their everyday lives.
Grades 6-8
Les Angel
 ROOM 206
Adolescence can leave a young person feeling particularly ungifted, as if they don’t fit in anywhere. But that’s not what God has in mind. He has given every believer, young and old, unique spiritual gifts to build up His body. In Spiritual Gifts take students through a study of the spiritual gifts listed in Scripture and then work through an exercise to help them discover their own gifts and how to use them. Watch teens come to life when they discover that they are gifted and have much to offer the body of Christ.
Grades 9-12
Richard Bailey
Room 215
These thirteen sessions on The Promised Land are broken down into two units:
1) God the Redeemer
2) God The Law Giver


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